Century Energy Solutions, LLC is a BBB Accredited Energy Service Company in Downers Grove, IL

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Century Energy Solutions, LLC is a BBB Accredited Energy Service Company in Downers Grove, IL

Energy solutions that minimize costs and maximize price transparency.

Why use Century Energy Solutions?

Century Energy Solutions is an energy procurement company that specializes in optimizing the energy spending of power and gas for commercial, industrial and institutional organizations. We build a relationship with a company and understand the individual needs of our clients, their appetite for risk and desire for lowest possible spending. With this information, we solicit the best bids of the 20+ electricity suppliers licensed in Illinois. Century Energy undertakes rigorous analysis to ensure that bids are comparable and conform to the true specifications of the client.

Why use a consultant?

As qualified electricity consultants, we focus on negotiating your price/risk matrix, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Like the stock market, forward electric and gas are volatile commodity markets. Pricing changes on an hourly basis and we monitor this market.

Aren’t all offers from alternative electricity suppliers the same?

No, there is no mandated or standard “labeling” for deregulated energy proposals. All Illinois suppliers have their own product offerings and presentations. Most buyers, however, don’t have the same market knowledge as their electricity suppliers. Century Energy Solutions is armed with the same information as the supplier, which is why we receive the best offers for our clients.

Can I call alternative electricity suppliers to get a quote?

Yes, you can request quotes from alternative suppliers directly. However, each supplier’s product offerings and specific contract terms vary. When you engage with Century Energy Solutions, you will have a single point of contact working on your behalf. We leverage our knowledge and experience with you to ensure you receive a contract that surpasses your expectations.

100 years of experience working for you.

Century Energy Solutions ownership has collectively over 100 years’ experience in the energy industry. We are committed to addressing the unique needs of each business client by finding the right energy solution at the lowest cost. This skillset saves our clients valuable time and money by allowing them to focus on their core business.